Monday, 6 August 2012

nice, eligible, handsome.

Mother:  That was lovely though wasn't it

Me:  What was?

Mother:  The wedding

Me:  Of course

Mother:  Lots of lovely looking people there

Me:  Of course

Mother:  lots of lovely looking men there

Me:  yeeesss.

Mother:  Wouldn't you...

Me:  No.

Mother:  But why wouldn't yo...

Me:  No.

Mother:   You don't know what I'm going to sa....

Me:  Yes I do.  You're going to say 'Wouldn't you like any of those?', 'Why wouldn't any of those do?'....or; 'What about so-and-so'.  - I know your game mother'

Mother:  Actually I was going to say 'Wouldn't you know if any of them have any nice, eligible, handsome friends'.........

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