Sunday, 8 February 2015

'F' is for...

Mum:    I'm on The Facebook page

Me:       Right, so on there, what can you see?

Mum:   Well, that's the problem - there's a middle bit and I can't see anything

Me:      What do you mean a middle bit? A big column down the middle?

Mum:   No, just a white bit - a box in the middle:  'no results'.

Me:      Somewhere on there there is a cross or a Cancel.

Mum:   Yes.

Me:      You can tap it with your finger.
            Tap it.

Mum:  Nothing.  It's just all white.

Me:     Can you see blue behind the white?

Mum:   Yes.

Me:       Tap it.

Mum:    Nothing.

Me:       You're sure you're on Facebook?  Can you see an 'F' up in the corner somewhere?

Mum:   No.

Me:      Well, you're not on Facebook then

Mum:   I am!  Oh, I see the 'F'. There's an 'F'!

Me:      You should be able to tap the 'F'...tap it.

Mum:   Nothing.

Me:       I don't understand.

Mum:    .....What's the 'F'?


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