Sunday, 25 March 2012

Me: Got my dissertation handed in

Mother: Oh good. On time?

Me: Of course on time…wouldn't have got it handed in otherwise, would I?

Mother: Well, I don’t know. Knowing you, it would’ve been running a little late.

Me: Yeh, but Ma, this is my dissertation – you can’t hand it in late. They have to sign….

Mother: I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if it were just an hour or so late.

Me: But it wasn’t.

 Mother: Right. Well, good. That’s good, isn’t it? Were you pleased with it?

Me: Obviously not.

Mother: I’m sure it’ll be alright.

Me: ‘Alright’ is what I’m worried about Mother.

Mother: Well, worse things happen than ‘alright’.

 Me: Ah, you see. This is where we are destined to disagree.

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