Sunday, 25 March 2012


Me:  How are you then?

Mother:  Yeh, I’m alright.

Me:  Yeh?  what you been up to?

Mother:  Oh you know.

Me:  Yeh..?

Mother:  Well, you know, I worked on Friday afternoon… (they needed me to cover so I said I would, because you know, it’s nice when I don’t HAVE to, but I can, you know?)

Me: Sure.

Mother:  So then I didn’t get home til late Friday and then it was Saturday and Saturday me and Margaret went into town.

Me: Palmers for coffee?

Mother: yeeesss.  You know we like that

Me: Yes.

Mother:  And then Saturday we…

Me:  ...didn’t really do…

Mother…much, no.  …No, not much been happening really. 

Me:  Ok.  Well, I’ll speak to you later then.

Mother:  Oh Beck?

Me:  Yeh?

Mother:  I meant to say;  the house got flooded yesterday..........

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