Monday, 26 March 2012


Mother: So you don’t need me to keep that documentary thing on tape then?

Me:  I’ve got iplayer if I wanna watch it, Ma…

Mother:  What on the ….on the…..on your computer?

Me:  Yeh, the internet.

Mother:  How does that work then?

Me:  What, the internet?

Mother:  No!…the iplayer…

Me:   Oh it’s a long story….anyway, hang on – what do you mean, ‘On tape’  I thought you got the Digi-Recorder thing?

Mother:  Oh I did. 

Me:  So then you mean you’ll keep it on record?

Mother:  No, I taped it.

Me:  On VHS?

Mother:   No, on the tape cassette…er, yeh, yes; VHS.

Me:  Why?

Mother:   Oh I don’t know.  Well, it was there, wasn’t it?  - It just seemed easier.

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