Wednesday, 28 March 2012

There's always wood

Mother:  I've got a fire going here

Me:  But it's been really hot

Mother:  So?

Me:  Why would you light a fire when it's been like summer

Mother:  Well, I had some wood to burn

Me:   It'll keep

Mother:  But it was there

Me:  Yeh, but it'd still be there next week when the temperatures drop

Mother:  They might not.

Me:  But they will

Mother:  Yeh but, there'll be more wood then

Me:  How?  Are you deforesting the back garden?

Mother:  Well there's always wood.

Me:  .....

Mother:  Anyway, how was your day?

Me:  I got slightly sunburnt.

Mother:  I know it's been lovely, hasn't it?  Boiling, really

Me:  hhmmm

Mother:  Like now, it's ever so hot now.

Me:  Cos you're sat in front of a bloody roaring fire!

Mother:   Yeh but....I had some wood to burn.

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