Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mother: I told Jane about your studies

Me: Did you, what'd you say?

Mother: Just all that psychic stuff you do...

Me: Er......psychic stuff?

Mother: Oh you know, the stuff...when you talk about the! Not the psychics...the physics. All that physics stuff you talk about

Me: Right.

Mother: She was very impressed.

Me: With the psychics or the physics?

Mother: The science-ness part.

Me: Yeh but Mum, does Jane think I'm some weird medium, who's running around talking to ghosts?

Mother: NO! I said it right to her.

Me: Hhhmmmm.

Mother: I did. I said Quantum. I said Quantum stuff.

Me; a-huh.

Mother: Yes. I said you were interested in Quantum leaps and she said something about that old TV show ...

Me: Ok, so you didn't really tell her anything about my studies did you?

Mother: They're complicated - even you've got to admit; the words are difficult to get your head around...

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