Monday, 2 April 2012

the thing with the thingy?

Mother:  ooh, it’s good news about Edinburgh though, isn’t it?

Me:  Yes, sure is

Mother:  Long way

Me:  To Edinburgh?

Mother:  I thought Oxford was bad!

Me:  You never come to see me anyway Ma, what difference will not coming to see me in Edinburgh be from not coming to see me in Oxford?

Mother:  I meant rather for you, coming home

Me:  Well, if you had internet we could chat face to face

Mother:  How?

Me:  Skype…or a variation of...

Mother:  Is that that thing, with the thingy?

Me:  The online phone with the video?  Yes.

Mother:  So I’d ring you and be able to see you…at the same…

Me: …time, yes.  Amazing, huh?

Mother:  But would it actually be at the same time?

Me:  Yes that’s the point

Mother:  But the exact same time?

ME:  Well, give or take a nanosecond, yeh

Mother:  That’s good isn’t it?

Me:  ….

Mother:  How do they do that?

Me:  Is that a rhetorical question, or do you actually want the scientific breakdown?

Mother:  I…no, but it’s quite amazing when you stop and think about it

Me:  Stopping and thinking about stuff is usually quite amazing….

Mother:  Love you.

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