Friday, 27 April 2012


Mother: I saw Gloria from where you used to work

Me: Who?

Mother: Gloria, or is it Claudia? – from where you used to work

Me: Where?

Mother: Oh, you know – that place, near erm, oh you know Gloria. From …oh, what was the name of that place..?

Me: Where?

Mother:  Where you worked a few years ago...

Me:  Yeh, but WHERE – geographically?!

Mother:  Gorleston

Me:  The solicitors?

Mother: No!

Me:  A shop?

Mother:  oh, no – oh it’s right on the tip of my…

Me:  The pub?

Mother:  Where was that place where you worked – years ago – Oh, no!

Me:  What?

Mother: It wasn’t you! It was Debbie. Sorry.  When she worked in that caff. Remember that lady, who was always giving her grief….Claudia.  It WAS Claudia. I’ll have to tell Deb………. 

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