Monday, 9 April 2012

The Godfather

Mother:  You should speak to your Godfather

Me:  Ok. Any particular reason?

Mother:  No, he'd just appreciate it

Me:  Oh, ok.  You just said it like there was an important reason

Mother:  He asked you to ring him

Me:  So there is an actual reason?

Mother:  Well, no.  He just asked

Me:  Exactly - the reason is because he asked

Mother:  Well....yes, yes - I suppose if you want to put it like that

Me:  I'm not putting it like anything - You say 'speak to your Godfather' and the reason is because he's asked me to ring him...

Mother: a manner of speaking...

Me:  Ok. I will ring him.

Mother:   Well not this week - then it looks like I've told you to ring!

Me: .................

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