Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Bunny

Mother:  did you get your parcel?

Ma:  Noooo, was Easter parcel?

Mother:  Maybe!

Me:  Well, I didn't get it

Mother:  Tuesday then

Me:  The Easter bunny must've gotten lost

Mother:  That or I forget to get it to the post office on time...

Me:  MUM!

Mother:  Sorry, The Easter Bunny must've gotten lost

Me:  Thank you

Mother:  What's your house number again, just to check it went to the right one...

Me:  Is this information for 'Him'?

Mother:  Him?

Me: ya know, The Bunny...

Mother:  You're so silly

Me:   Play the game!

Mother:  Yes, the Bunny. Well anyway, I sent him along to 136.

Me:  26

Mother:  126?!   Oh.

Me:  Er............

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