Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Inventing the Wheel

Mother:  You do too much thinking – it’s not always healthy

Me:  I know

Mother:   I suppose you can’t stop.  At least you’re not a scientist.

Me: Why?

Mother: Because

Me:  Because…?  At least if I were a scientist my thoughts might discover something about life.

Mother:  You do discover things about life – just not, you know, things like gravity

Me:  No, you’re right - I didn’t discover gravity

Mother:  But you discover other things.

Me: like Poetry – I discover Poetry regularly

Mother: Hhhmmm. What about the wheel thing?

Me: I didn’t invent The Wheel. 

Mother: No!  That wheel game thing

Me:  That’s a drinking game some guys invented when I was in Australia, Ma.  Not exactly what I had in mind.

Mother:  Well, anyway.  Like I say, it’s not always healthy thinking too much. But at least you're not a scientist or what are those other ones....the ones who always...oh, you know - not psychologists....the other...

Me:  Philosophers?

Mother:  Yes! They always end up crazy don't they?

Me:  Well, fear not - I'm not a philosopher. 

Mother:   Good. 


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