Monday, 7 May 2012

probably just the weather

Me: Are you OK?

Mother:  Yes. Are you?

Me:  Ahem.  Are you really?

Mother:  Yes.  Why?

Me:  You don’t sound it

Mother:  Well neither do you

Me:  Well maybe I’m not – so what’s up with you?

Mother:  I had a bad day

Me:  Me too

Mother:  I don’t like bad days

Me:  I think that’s normal

Mother:  What was bad about yours then?

Me:  Nothing really.  Just a day.

Mother:  Me too – maybe it’s the weather…

Me:  But I like this weather

Mother:  It can’t be that then.  Maybe it’s the time of year

Me:  Doubt it

Mother:  Maybe it’s the crap TV I’ve been watching

Me:  You always watch crap TV.  9 times out of 10, if it’s TV, then it’s crap.

Mother:  You should’ve been born last century.

Me:  Well, that’s probably what’s wrong with me – I don’t fit in here.  What’s your excuse?

Mother: Dunno really.     Hhhmmmm.   Mine's just the weather. That'll pass.     

Me:  ........hhmmm....

Mother:  Yours won't. 

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