Saturday, 5 May 2012


Me:  I'm finished!

Mother:  What?

Me:  I've finished!

Mother:  What?

Me:  My course!

Mother: What course?

Me:  er....the only one I do...

Mother:  Oh, you mean you've handed in the last lot of stuff?

Me:  Yeh.....I've finished!

Mother:  Well, not quite...

Me:  Yes, quite

Mother:  But I thought you finish when you get the paper?

Me:  My point - mother - is that I have absolutely nothing left to do for my course, and - although I lack a piece of paper - I have finished in every other conceivable way.

Mother:  I'll wait until you get the piece of paper.

Me:  Why?  And for what?

Mother:  To tell people

Me:  Again; why?

Mother: Because then we'll know for sure

Me: ...!

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