Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Special Talents

Mother:  What do you think about that body-in-a-bag thing?

Me:  Well, on some level I wonder at how surprised…

Mother: …people are, I know…

Me: I mean, you work for MI6 – now, I’m not saying you should…

Mother: …expect that, but…

Me:  …you’ve gotta think something like that may be a distinct…

Mother:  …possibility, yes.  I know.

Me:  Did you see how they got a man to ‘prove’ he couldn’t have padlocked himself in there?

Mother: Could he?

Me: What?

Mother: Could he do it?

Me:  What? Padlock himself inside his own holdall?

Mother:  Yes.

Me:  NO - Of course not, he wasn’t Harry-bloody-Houdini!

Mother:  I thought you were going to say they managed to prove he could

Me:  But it’s ridiculous they actually paid a guy to attempt it THREE HUNDRED TIMES.

Mother:  I bet he really ached after that….Besides, you’d think these MI6 people would have special talents like that, wouldn’t you….?

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