Sunday, 20 May 2012

the one with...

 Mother: I saw that film again

Me:  What film?

Mother: The one about…


Mother:  oh, you know….about…

Me:  …..

Mother:  The one with…the one in…in a prison

Me:  Which one…?

Mother:  Where the prisoners are…

Me:  Bad?

Mother:  No.

Me:  Good?

Mother:  Well.....yes.

Me:   The Green Mile?

Mother:  That’s the one with the big guy and the mouse?

Me:  Yes.

Mother:  No.

Me:  Sleepers..?  Although that’s more of a youth correctional…

Mother:  …facility-place.  No – not that.  You know – the one with the music…

Me:  The Shawshank Redemption

Mother: Yes!  Isn’t it?  Where he kills his wife for having an affair?

ME:  He doesn’t kill his wife for having an affair – that’s the thing – he’s innocent.

Mother:  Yes.   That’s what I meant.  He’s accused of killing his wife.

Me:  It’s a good film.

Mother:  Yes. 

Me: What about it then?

Mother: What?

Me:  What about it? – You watched it and….

Mother:  Oh.   Nothing.  I just watched it again. 

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