Thursday, 14 June 2012

I once took a train to Oxford....(or, at least, a car to the station...)

Mother:  So I’m coming up on the Thursday

Me: Yes

Mother: And you’ll meet me at the train station.

Me:  But, you’re coming up by car…?

Mother:…I know, remember what we said?

Me:  I’m getting déjà vu….I thought we agreed you’d go straight to your hotel?

Mother:  But I don’t know where it is.

Me:  Well then you use a map.

Mother:  Can’t you meet me at the train station…please?

Me:  I’ll be working, unless you arrive at tea-time and you don’t want to arrive in Oxford at tea-time…Anyway, why the train station?!

Mother:  Because it’s signposted. I can find my way to the train station.

Me: Mother.

Mother:  Yes.

Me: I cannot meet you at the train station. You will get a map and find your own hotel like a big girl.

Mother:   But…

Me:  Mother. Trust me, you can do this.

Mother:  But the roads are busy

Me:  Yes .

Mother:  And I don’t know Oxford.

Me: No.

Mother:  And you do.

Me:  Yes. But I won’t be in the car with you.

Mother:  Exactly.  So you’ll meet me at the station then won’t you?


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