Saturday, 7 July 2012


Mother:  Did you see that woman who does that thing and is getting published.  Or, she's having a film made.  Or something like that.

Me:  What woman?

Mother:  That the States, or maybe Canada....she does the thing - you know that thing you do on The Internet.

Me:  Facebook?

Mother:  No, the one with the funny name.

Me:  Plenty of stuff with funny names online....

Mother:  Like a bird...

Me:  Twitter.

Mother:  That's it!

Me:  Ok, what did she do?

Mother:  Well, she twitters...

Me:  Tweets...

Mother: Like a bird, yes.   And now she's famous.

Me:  Well, I'm sure she does something other than Tweets...

Mother:  You could do that.

Me:  Do what?  Do more than Tweet?

Mother:  Well, she's getting a film or something made, and she Tweets!

Me:  Good for her, but she must have been writing for some time...

Mother:  But she Tweets!

Me:  Ma, stop using the word just because you've learnt it.....

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