Monday, 17 September 2012


Mother:  So, you're coming here at the beginning of September and when do you leave?

Me:       The 20-something.

Mother:  Of September?

Me:        Yeh.

Mother: Well, when exactly?

Me:       The 20-something - I need to decide when

Mother:  When do you need to be back?

Me:        1st October.

Mother:  How many days does September have?

Me:        30.

Mother:  30 days has September, April, June....oh yes, 30.

Me:       Yes, 30.

Mother:  So you could go back on the 30th?

Me:        mmmmm.

Mother:  Beck?

Me:       mmmm

Mother:  You could go back on the 30th?

Me:       Yes, Mother, I could go back on the 30th.

Mother:  Yes.

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