Monday, 12 November 2012


Mother:  Did you get those coupons I sent?

Me:  Coupons?

Mother:  The vouchers...for shopping?

Me:  Oh, yeh - thanks Ma

Mother:  Well, every little helps, doesn't it

Me: Sure does.  Hey, you sound like an advert

Mother:  Advent?

Me:  Hhhmm?

Mother:  Advent?  Oh, that reminds me!  Do you want me to send you an advent calendar this year?

Me:  I'm a bit old Ma....

Mother:  Never too old for Advent, you'll like it!

Me:  Oh alright.

Mother:  There.  I nearly bought one today as well, but then thought 'She may not want one, she may think she's too old'

Me:  I do think I'm too old!

Mother:  But you still want one...

Me: Then why didn't you buy one....?!

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