Sunday, 18 November 2012

Oh dear

Mother:  Oh dear

Me:  What?

Mother: That nice man's at the door again

Me: What nice man?!

Mother:  The one who brings round sewing jobs for me, but he always wants to talk for ages

Me:  Maybe he's lonely

Mother:  I know.  But sometimes I'm busy

Me:  So, tell him you're busy

Mother:  But then sometimes I'm not, and I just can't be bothered

Me:  What does he talk about?

Mother:  People in the village, general gossip, boring stuff like Mrs Humphrey and her hernia. Why does he think I want to hear about that?

Me:  Why does HE know about that?

Mother:  Oh, he knows everything

Me:  Is he still at the door?

Mother:  Er.....Yeh. He just knocked again.

Me:  Can he see you?

Mother:  .............


Mother:  OH!

Me:  ...what?...

Mother:  Yes.....He just saw me.  

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