Saturday, 24 November 2012

but it ended '220'...

Me:  Hello?

Mother:  Hello

Me:  Hiya, you ok?

Mother:  So is this your number then?

Me:   the one you just called me on...?

Mother:  Yes.  I keep texting that other one - you know, your old one - and not getting a response

Me:  No, because this is my new number, remember I told you?

Mother:  Well I remember you saying something, but I keep texting that other number and then Bridget replied to my last text to that number

Me:  Well, then you must be texting Bridget and not my old number

Mother:  But it ended '220'......oh well.  So this is your number?

Me:  Yes.  This number  - that you've phoned me on and I've answered - this is my number.

Mother:  Oh good.  I'll text this one then.

Me:  Ok.

Mother:  Right.    How are you then?

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