Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Mother:  Oh, wasn't that sad about Robin Williams?

Me:         Yep.  I really love him.

Mother:  I know.  At first I thought it was...

Me:         RobbIE..?

Mother:  No, I thought it was that...you know...with the lovely...wotsits

Me:        The who with the what?

Mother:  You know - that chap...with the lovely eyes.

Me:         Who?

Mother:  You know - the one we used to swoon over, the one we always said would end up killing

Me:         WHO?

Mother:   Oh! You know, that good-looking one from...

Me:          The one from Take That?

Mother:    That's him!

Me:           Yes!  RobbIE Williams!  That's who I meant the first time.

Mother:     Sorry, I always get him confused with Robin Williams. The comedian.

Me:   ....

Mother:    Oh. That's who we're talking about.

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