Wednesday, 4 February 2015

I've used The Google.

Me:       How're you getting on with the internet?

Mum:   Well...

Me:      Yeh...?

Mum:   I'm having trouble getting it up

Me:       Getting what up?

Mum:    The Email

Me:       Don't you just click the little icon on your iPad?

Mum:    Bob showed me how. But then I came away and I forgot.

Me:       Right.

Mum:    So I went to Val. And she showed me a different way and that confused me

Me:       Right.  So what else have you done with it?

Mum:    I've used The Google. I Googled!

Me:       That's great!  What did you Google?

Mum:    I found the place we're going on holiday.

Me:       That's great!   What else have you done?

Mum:    I Twitted!

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