Monday, 30 April 2012

Running on...

Mother: So she said 'Well, what do you think I should do?’ and I said 'Well, you don’t want to go there and then it’s not happening, I mean that would be awful’.   I mean, wouldn’t it?

Me:  Ah-hem.

Mother: So then she said, ‘Well I know, but what can I do?’ you know, and what was I supposed to say, I said ‘There’s nothing you can do I spose, you’ve got to be there’.  I mean - hasn’t she?

Me:  ahhmm.

Mother: So that’s how we left it, that she’s going and just going to see and then let me know. I suppose I’ll get the full run-down, you know what she’s like.

Me: Yesss.

Mother:  She’s such a worrier. But then what if she goes and it’s not on?  That would be horrid wouldn’t it? But then, you’ve got to try haven’t you? You’ve got to go and see and then be sure – right?

Me: …

Mother:  She does run on sometimes, bless her…

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