Saturday, 28 June 2014

Boiling over

Mother:  Yes, so it all went very well. Hang on...DAVID! Your pan's boiling over!
                Oh his pan's boiling over and I'm not on the cordless.
                'DAVID!  Would you mind turning that pan down please?'

             He can't hear me, honestly that hearing aid, mind you I doubt he's got it in, you know he                      never does....'DAVID!'
             Oh I'll have to go, I can't.......'DAVIIDD!'  
             *Mumbling heard in background*
             I said, your pan's boiling over and I can't reach it, Look!'  
             *More mumbling*

             So anyway, where was I?

Me:       You were saying it all went well and you had a lovely...

Mother:  David!  Do you know, he's left that pan exactly as it was, he couldn't have heard me at all...

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