Thursday, 26 June 2014

Stand down

Me:        Oh Ma, I found out that the video of me doing my first stand-up no longer exists

Mother:  What?

Me:        That video of me doing the comedy gig

Mother:  But I thought I was going to watch it?

Me:        That was the idea

Mother:  Well, can't I then?

Me:        No.

Mother:  Oh no, you MUST let me watch it!

Me:        I would if I could but I can't!

Mother:  You mean you really don't have it?

Me:        No.

Mother:  And you really can't get it?

Me:        No.

Mother:  Oh no. What will I tell people?

Me:        What d'ya mean?  What 'people'?

Mother:  I'd organised a group of the girls to watch it.

Me:        Thank Christ it's been erased then.

Mother:   Easily fixed - we'll just arrange a performance in person next time you're home...                  

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