Monday, 30 June 2014

Get that seen to

Me:            I've not been very well, that's why I haven't phoned

Mother:     You can still phone when you're ill

Me:            Well, I've been really rough, Ma. I wasn't really up to chatting

Mother:     Oh

Me:           I've got some kind of ear infection, in both ears.

Mother:     Oh dear. Are you...

Me:            Dizzy

Mother:     And...

Me:           Feverish

Mother:     What caused that then?

Me:           I dunno - the doctor asked if I'd been swimming lately...

Mother:    Which you haven't been...

Me:          Which I haven't been...

Mother:     Well, that's not very good, is it? Other than that, how have you been?

Me:           That's kinda been my week, Mum. I've had this terrible chest pain, too. Nobody knows                         why

Mother:     Chest pain?  How do you mean?

Me:           Like my chest

Mother:    Severe?

Me:          Yes.

Mother:    You want to get that seen to.

Me:           I know that Ma, I have. That's what I said - that I've been to the doctors - they don't know                    what to make of it

Mother:     Well, they should. You want to get that seen to, again, by somebody else.

Me:            I'm gonna go, I don't feel well and this conversation is making my headache worse

Mother:      What headache?  You've got a headache, too?

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